crumbling Italy

In Pompeii the sky is falling–the house of the gladiators fell down on Saturday.  Located near the base of Mt. Vesuvio, the area surrounding the ancient city is called Campania–the home of Sofia Loren, pizza and cannoli–and includes the feisty city of Naples and the glamorous and exclusive Amalfi Coast.

The area has seen its share of modern catastrophes. As part of the ongoing garbage crisis the Italian government–in spite of local protests–want to build a landfill in Mt. Vesuvio national park.  The mafia have had a landfill in the park for years. Imagine doing the same thing to the Grand Canyon–only here chances are you’d also find a casino built alongside it.  After all, here and in Italy, the mafia–and the government–are involved on both fronts.

Holy cannoli