Tea party darlings: talking trash in AZ

Palin, Rubio, O’Donnell. The latest? Noem. If I hear the term “tea party darling” one more time, I will scream.

Where are the Democratic and Republican darlings? Or the Independent darlings? Where’s the love for the rest of us? Are we not cute enough? Angry enough? Dumb enough?

Noem's darling (photo source: whorunsgov.com by the Washington Post)

Besides cheering on their new immigration law SB1070—crafted by private prison corporations and state legislators—and touting racial profiling and indefinite prison stays, some Arizona “tea partyers” (“tea-partiers”?) are now talking trash about garbage disposal.

Yes, people in Fountain Hills, Arizona are suspicious about efforts to introduce curbside recycling (gasp!).

Sounds like a version of countless cocktail party conversations I’ve suffered through on the South Shore.

Residents accuse the town council of  socialism. Why? Because council members are also proposing that the town streamline expenses by hiring one hauling company to pickup residents’ trash.

Right wing Arizona Campaign for Liberty is also weighing in on the Fountain Hills trash fiasco. Their website features a Tony Soprano-esque goon posing in front of the town’s fountain with this message:

“Why is the Town Council trying to tell residents which trash service to use? Trying to tell residents the Town Council knows better which company is better for it’s [sic] residents?

Remember that great customer service you got at the MVD the other day? Probably not. When there is a monoply [sic] and no competition, there is not incentive to excel. If you are not happy with your current trash service you can call one of the other companies, when the only option you have is the governement [sic!] anointed company, you have no options.

Who you callin' darling? (photo source: azc41.com)

And the subliminal message is:  a bunch of bald cigar-chomping Italian-American mafia dons are going to pick up your trash and pick through your recyclables if you don’t fight back…be afraid Fountain Hills…be very afraid.