The Royal We

Global economic turmoil?

Taxpayer bailouts of banks, the auto industry, Ireland?

Who gives a toss? The royals are getting married!

Royally cheesy merchandise (

Babykins and Big Willie (their nicknames, not mine) are tying the knot in Westminster Abbey on April 29th next year. Besides marking the Feast of St. Catherine, April 29 is also my ex-husband’s birthday. Coincidence? Or ill-fated portent? Only time will tell.

The price tag for the nuptials is estimated to be in the $40 million range. Chump change for the royal family, but not for a British public facing some of its most severe austerity measures in generations. Even though royal officials insist taxpayers won’t pay anything for the event, it’s hard to imagine how they won’t once you factor in things like security and clean up, which could very easily run into millions.

Analysts haven’t really gone too far out on a limb by predicting that the wedding will give the British economy a big boost, especially to its tourism and retail sectors. All those key chains and plates could add up to some serious Sterling for shopkeepers over there. Too bad most of the stuff will be made in China.