it’s looking biblical out there

Earth to naysayers: climate change is already well underway. We’re well past the “drill baby drill” denial stage. Instead we need to figure out how to best adapt to what’s next.

As far as weather goes, 2010 was a record-breaking year for both rain and heat in many areas. Russia sweltered and burned last summer. The polar ice caps and permafrost continue to melt, and scientists cannot predict what will happen now that these forces are unleashed. We can’t re-freeze ice once it’s melted: as of yet, there’s no giant ice cube maker waiting in the wings to rescue us. Meanwhile, our politicians do next to nothing–except squabble over protecting the status quo: our auto, oil and gas industries remain sacrosanct.

Since climate change is uncharted territory,  evidence remains tricky to pinpoint. Still, there is a scientific explanation for how a colder than usual winter can exist alongside the phenomenon of global warming.

So what can we do? Be mindful of our choices, for one. Believe it or not, everything we do on an individual level does count. All those shopping expeditions to the outlets in your SUV to buy Chinese-made merch do add up. and other like-minded groups are good places to start.

baby it's hot: summer 2010

Right now massive areas of the planet are under water:  Pakistan was hit with devastating floods late last year. Now Australia, Sri Lanka, Brazil and Columbia suffer. At the rate we’re going, we’ll all be under water soon enough–literally and economically.

Meanwhile, over here in U.S., most of us are freezing our butts off, socked under scads of snow and ice and cold.

As of today, Florida is the only state in the nation NOT covered with snow, if you can believe it. Book your tickets now–if you can get to the airport, that is.

there's a car in there, somewhere