Summertime in New England

Dearest Readers,

It’s summertime in New England.

That’s my way of saying that during this precious time of the year, I prefer to spend every possible moment I can outside, on the beach or in some sort of pastoral setting. The whole nature thing.

Which is why I haven’t posted anything in ages. I’m too busy trying to absorb my yearly intake of vitamin D in just a few short weeks. I guess summertime and writing just doesn’t mix for me.

Excuses, excuses…I know. But this blog is about quality, not quantity…at least during the summer months.

I do have a few posts up my sleeve, which I’ll try to write and get out there soon.

In the meantime, you can always click around and read (or re-read) some of my greatest hits listed below …thanks and blog you later!


me...NOT outside...

Totally random posts, in no particular order of importance:

New Years Resolutions  (because it’s so freaking hot outside…New Year’s feels like eons ago)

It’s looking biblical out there (also because it’s so freaking hot outside)

Butt it out (for those of us battling with addictions…RIP Amy Winehouse)

St Francis and Zach (for those of us in need of a miracle…proof that prayer does work)

Confuse-us peace prize  (because I’m tired of the Chinese regime stealing our ideas — latest travesty: did you see the chain of fake Apple stores yet? — and treating their people like shit).

And finally, because I have a thing for whimsically-desecrated street signs (and the whimsical people who desecrate them):

summertime in Brookline: UFO crossing...or wind-blown sombrero?