wesley the owl

I’m fascinated by the science of animal cognition. There is growing evidence that animals of all types may have emotions and can communicate their thoughts with each other, and with us. Pet owners report many experiences with this; so have people in the wild, witnessing dolphins, elephants, primates, etc.


Wesley the Owl, written by former Caltech biologist Stacey O’Brien, explores animal intelligence, the deep emotional bonds that can exist between animals and humans, and other related subjects.

If you’re interested in how and why animals communicate, check this book out. It’s a quick read, and your kids will probably love it, too. I finished the last page in the chair at my hairdresser’s, and, with foils piled high and tears streaming down my face, solemnly passed it along for her to read next.

If animals really are sentient beings with thoughts and feelings, it’s time we stop treating them so inhumanely, especially those we mass produce and eat.

I remember one of my aunts telling me that some spiritual people are so evolved they won’t eat anything with a face. Easy to remember, but hard to do!

I’m not sure I have it in me to embrace a 100% vegan lifestyle–where do you draw the line? Do clams have faces? Can I wear vintage fur? Do I swat that mosquito away or smush it? Are petroleum-based synthetic shoes “better” than my Louboutins? Do you refuse to sit on a friend’s leather couch? Is eating a freshly-shucked oyster as inhumane as a bacon cheeseburger????

Still, as I get older, my desire to eat meat dwindles.

Except for owl, of course.

Just kidding!