Day 2: the Way to Palas de Rei

Another day of miracles: of bags delivered to hotels and hot showers; of Advil and arnica; of a land where wine is cheaper than water, and of French fries with every meal after 10 a.m.

I’ve lost a $10 sock. I packed three pairs, which leaves me with 2.5 pairs of socks left to walk with for the rest of the week. Hopefully my brother has it in his pile of shit. One of us has a dime-sized blister on the tip of their right big toe – thankfully not me.

Tan lines: Feet-up-the-wall pose.

Today’s trek lasted 26 kilometers and took seven hours, not including time for coffee and lunch stops. I went much slower than yesterday and stayed with my mom.

Towards the end of today’s trail, instead of complaining how terribly freaking tired we felt, my mom and I named five things we were grateful for: that it was a clear, more refreshing day than yesterday; that the ground was dry and less challenging to walk on; that our lunch was excellent…is that five? That we were in a lovely foreign country…that we had sturdy hiking boots and a half a bar of chocolate left. I think that’s six. I’m too tired for math.

Then this happened…I stopped filming when they got too close…

My mom leapt off the path and into some thorns, and dug her nails deeply into my forearm. The bulls walked calmly past, and the family wrangling (?) the bulls thought we were hilarious. So did the other pilgrims. So did the bulls.

You better mooove, ladies.

So far, we’ve met Italians and Koreans, a guy from Alabama, a couple from California, Spaniards, Irish, Germans, and Canadians. Everyone has been lovely.

Letting sleeping dogs lie in the sunshine.

On tap for mañana: Melide.

Buenos noches! Xoxox