new year’s resolutions

Let 2011 go down as the year we rid ourselves of New Year’s resolutions.

Let’s resolve to not make any more ridiculous promises, just because it’s a new year. Chances are you won’t achieve them anyway, so why not strive instead to live in the moment, and enjoy who you are, and where you’re at?

Typical resolutions are just so predictable. What if instead we resolve to do something totally unexpected?

For example: let’s just say…that 2011 is the year I finally:

1) get a giant tramp stamp…then spend most of 2012 getting it lasered off

now that's classy!

2) star in my own reality show…or better yet, just be the star of my own reality

3) “man up” and get a Brazilian bikini wax…then post it on YouTube like the rest of the planet seems to be doing:

4) join a fancy new gym, and go to Zumba class every damn day (added bonus: based on what these ladies are sporting below, infinite potential to show off new tramp stamp)

5) if the world is really ending next year like Nostradamus and the Mayans warned, then party like it’s 1999—again.

Happy 2011!