zombie parenting

Caring for a child nowadays is a complicated affair.

In olden times (pre-1995, before the Internet exploded), parents didn’t have to worry about finding their children in front of the family computer, playing video games like this:

wake up and smell the coffee, dad

Lesson learned: I am putting parental control software on my computer.

Right now.

Or at least, right after I post this.

How do we navigate this new world with our children, one that’s filled with new technologies, new gadgets? A world that’s impossible to keep track of, let alone master? One where kids are texting, tweeting, tumbling and facebooking? Cyberbullying and sexting?

As parents, we remember when kids didn’t have cell phones or the Internet. But our kids don’t. Since we didn’t grow up in such a high tech world, and we’re the first generation to experience it as parents, how should we best guide our children through it all?

I guess that is the eternal question of parenting though, right? As soon as we master navigating our kids through this new technological universe, something new will pop up that will flummox us…again…for the moment, anyway. Until we find the parental control software for THAT.