eat, gay, love

It’s no secret: straight women have been having platonic affairs with gay men for eons.

Gay guys usually make an effort to take care of themselves. They look great. They dress well. They care about their appearance. Think of the last high school reunion you went to. Unlike your old girlfriends, the men in the crowd had probably let themselves go.

Show me a middle-aged gay guy with a big fat beer gut, and I’ll show you…well, I don’t know what I’ll show you. It’s just that rare! In fact, “a sizable minority” of people suffering from eating disorders are gay and bisexual men. The exception? Bears…but straight chicks and bears usually don’t mix that often. We have more than enough beefy straight guys in our lives who are hairy and wear suspenders. So let’s leave them out of the equation for now.

don't feed the bears (photo: Sandro Bruni)

Not only are the gay men in my life (yes, I AM blessed!) well dressed, well read, well-traveled, great dancers and lively conversationalists, they are also great eaters—even though you’d never know it by their svelte physiques. As one of  the 3 F’s (food, fashion, fornicating), the pursuit and consumption of a great meal is one of the earth’s great pleasures, and one at which urban gay men, as card-carrying members of a more aesthetically-astute subset of the population, excel.

not a fatty in sight