Day 6: On the Way to Santiago de Compostela

We made it!

Mural in Melide.

We are successful pilgrims now.

But let’s back up for a minute.

We headed out from O Pino late – around 8 a.m. – and made it into Santiago around 4:00 p.m. That’s not terribly fast, but we stopped for coffees, egg and potato tortillas, and at one place, a shot of liquor from a big plastic bottle made from local hierbas. They weren’t very strong, so the bartender had a shot every time someone ordered one. She was in a very good mood when we left.

On the road again: Nick and Helena leaving O Pinos in the misty morning.

We started back in Sarria at 118 kms, so this 10 km marker was pretty cool to see. Too bad the inserts keep getting stolen!

Can you spot the shell marker on the sidewalk in between Nick and me? We were pretty tired at this point, but so happy to reach Santiago that we just kept going, all the way to the main square and the Cathedral. We wanted our certificate before finding our hotel! I’ll write about that process in another post.

I’m so glad I could have this experience with my mom and brother. I’m grateful we arrived together, safely. Some have to drop out or do a part of the Camino due to physical issues. Not everyone makes it.

Helena and Jen in Santiago de Compostela, next to the Cathedral.

I need to process this journey. I would have liked the Camino to be longer, to have even more time to think and reflect. I wish it had been a bit more quiet, with a few less pilgrims. Next time I’d like to take a longer Camino, maybe from Portugal or France. Stay tuned, and wherever you are, Buen Camino!