Mexico City, Part 1

This is our last night in Mexico City. I’ve spent the last handful of days here with my family on a combined work (for my husband) and vacation (for my son and me) situation. Five nights here with a day trip to the pyramids in Teotihuacan is a cheap and stunning vacation – and a terrific bargain compared to vakays in other world class cities.

Blogging quickly by iPhone, here are a few photos of this unforgettable place…in the order that I took them:

Chilangos as native Mexico City-ites are called, are nuts about their dogs. Here’s a doggie day care in Parque México that my son and I passed on our way to the National Archeological Museum.

The museum is a must-see and a good first stop…

The guys below perform all day outside the museum and have my idea of a totally hellish day job…

Pre-Hispanic power couple, Archeological Museum:

The city is filled with great street art:

Here we are resting in the museum courtyard, which has a huge upside down fountain and a papyrus pond in its courtyard. The architect channeled 1960s spaceship – in a good way.

Traveling with kids? Take them to Arena Mexico for the luche libre wrestling experience. Here’s part of the mural in the Arena lobby:

This super fan was in line with us – here he is buying tickets:

Tickets for top seats are just $10 USD! Here’s a scene from the match:

Street food is an integral part of life here. We heard a whistle blow outside and the guys bolted down from our apartment for some charcoal oven-fired sweet plantains:

His cart is an oven with a built-in steam whistle.

Below from left, eating esquites and elote aka yummy toasted corn snacks with chili, salt and lime or slathered in mayo, chili and salt – these are pre-Hispanic Nahua Mexican snacks…40 pesos for both or a bit over 2 bucks – overpriced by local standards, but we don’t mind overpaying!

Sandro’s looking a bit bummed he didn’t get the mayo. His was as spicy as it looks. He’ll have to come back!

Yesterday, we went to see the pyramids and ruins in Teotihuacan – also the site of another great roadside food experience.

Outside exit 3 was an outdoor eating spot that was on one side of a long chain link fence. You could walk around the fence in about 5 minutes – too long a trek when the bus was due soon – so instead, we stood on our tiptoes and passed plates of tacos and drinks, including this cup of pulque, over the top:

There were 3 folding chairs on our side of the fence – perfect!

The thought occurred to us that the meal was a bit like Trump’s stupid wall and barriers in general – artificial and real / natural. And what lengths we’ll go through for a meal…

Steps to Temple of the Moon, Teotihuacan.

I’d like to write a bit more, but my husband just said, “Should we get something to eat?”

To be continued…

Coco vies for Scott’s attention earlier today at Cafe Toscano del Mercado at Michoacán and Vincente Suarez. Get the hot chocolate.